Morse Code Alphabet

The Morse Code alphabet can be written on a computer. For instance, in the International Morse Code, the letter “A” in the alphabet is “.-”. This is a dot-dash, and you say it, “Dit-dah.”

Here is the rest of the Morse Code alphabet via a table.

Morse Code Alphabet

The International morse code characters are:

Morse Code Alphabet
A •-
N -•
0 —–
B -•••
O —
1 •—-
C -•-•
P •–•
2 ••—
D -••
Q –•-
3 •••–
E •
R •-•
4 ••••-
F ••-•
S •••
5 •••••
G –•
T –
6 -••••
H ••••
U ••-
7 –•••
I ••
V •••-
8 —••
J •—
W •–
9 —-•
K -•-
X -••-
• •-•-•-
L •-••
Y -•–
, –••–
M –
Z –••
? ••–••

7 thoughts on “Morse Code Alphabet

  1. Dan

    There’s a mistake! The “P” and “R” are the same!
    Just thought I’d point it out. Correct version of “P” is:
    •— —•

  2. Gary

    Great Site! I was a radio operator in the British Army (Regualrs) 194 to 1971 and as a Resevist 1972 to 1984. I was a very poor Morse man, and as a EW monitor, it was not important. My Ew duties were in West (then)Germany and my fluency in German was enough. However, Morse is vital, as the recent spy case in Germany shows. If we all forget Morse, it becomes a code in itself! Great site! Keep it rolliong! Best DX and 73 de Gary

  3. Reece

    I was a high speed operator in the Korean war and loved it, however, I have not practiced or done any morse code since 1952. I would like to refresh my skill now that I’m retired with little to do.Thanks for the help.

  4. Andrei

    “P” and “R” are not the same. “P” is “Dit-dah-dah-dit” and “R” is “Dit-dah-dit”. If you look close enough, you’ll se that “P” are larger than “R” on the list.

    It also applies to “O” and “M”. “O” is “Dah-dah-dah”, “M” is “Dah-dah”.

    The problem here is the font used… Try to copy and paste this to Notepad, it’ll be better (;


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