5 thoughts on “Morse Code – I Am Alive!

  1. KE5GHC

    It might be a limitation of my eyes or my monitor, but I think that phrase says “I at alive”.

    Nice site. Thanks for the effort.

  2. admin Post author

    Thanks for the comment. I just double checked, and it is indeed two “-” signs, but the computer thinks its smart and is adding them together. I tried separating them with a space, but then it looked like two T’s 🙂

  3. KE5GHC

    After looking at your “Morse Code Alphabet” in the next post, I see that my monitor is not displaying the white space between “dahs”. The “dahs” display correctly for me in the tag cloud. They look to be a hair larger than in the post.

  4. admin Post author

    Yeah, I think it’s the font that the website is using. Thanks for pointing that out – I’ll need to change the font for better readability. Good call!

  5. T. Uppili Srinivasan, SDE RTTC

    I am a lecturer at BSNL Regional Telecom Training Centre at Maraimalainagar. I was trained in Morse code for 9 months and I had worked on morse circuits for about 10 years. I am teaching this code to engg college students, who visit our RTTC at MM nagar. Wonderful code still used today also. Our SMS comes on this morse code only. […/–/…] this is sms code.


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