A Cool New Way to Learn Morse Code

Together, a friend of mine and I, Bryan Campbell, designed a new Morse Code software that allows you to learn Morse Code from your computer, iPad, iPhone, or even other Smartphones.

Here’s a screenshot:

Morse Code Application


So here’s how this Morse Code Software works to help you learn Morse Code.

First, load the Morse Code Application onto your browser. Then, you’ll want to play around a bit with the Morse Code generator. As you play with the buttons, you’ll notice that the Morse Code software allows you to press the “dit,” the “dah,” “Next,” and “Start Over.” To clear the “Recent Letters” at the top of the Morse Code application, press refresh.

When you press “Next,” you’ll hear the Morse Code generator actually “Speak” the letter that you just wrote out in Morse Code using dits and dahs. In the future, we’re going to add some very cool features like, “Share this” and “Tweet this,” etc.

Please let me know your thoughts on this new Morse Code application – it’s brand new and still in Beta testing.


3 thoughts on “A Cool New Way to Learn Morse Code

  1. JA

    Are there plans to release a version of this software that does not need web access? Might be helpful for disabled tablet users.

  2. admin Post author

    The Excel version of the software doesn’t need the internet – does that help you at all?

  3. JA

    Actually it does. Thank you! At the moment not quite sure what interface will be best. Working with a family w/ a child with CP. Debating an ipad, laptop, or augmentative communication device. Thanks for featuring cw com examples and developing Cool Morse.


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