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Mac Learning Morse Code

Mac is an 8 year old attending regular classes and has Cerebral Palsy. He is quite the character and has a great sense of humor, and is using Morse Code to communicate!

Mac learned Morse Code through an Excel spreadsheet his mother created. It is a very nifty tool for learning Morse Code.

Here’s a video of him using two buttons to work with Morse Code, and here’s a link to Gina’s Excel spreadsheet she creating to help him learn Morse Code!

Learn Morse Code With Gina’s Excel Spreadsheet

Jericho Morse Code – What Does Jericho Say in Morse Code?

Morse Code is used in the TV seried, “Jericho” in a variety of ways. In a few of the episodes, there is only one way to communicate – and that’s with Morse Code.

The transmissions Jericho with Morse Code happen pretty quickly, and the Morse Code is being transmitted pretty slopily as well.

Here is what the Jericho Morse Code says:

Jericho Episode: The Pilot
Jericho Morse Code: “Jericho Pilot”

Jericho Episode: Fallout
Jericho Morse Code: “Jericho Fallout”

Jericho Episode: Four Horsemen
Jericho Morse Code: “Jericho Three”

Jericho Episode: Walls of Jericho
Jericho Morse Code: “He knows Rob”

Jericho Episode: Federal Response
Jericho Morse Code: “There is a fire”

Jericho Episode: “9.02″
Jericho Morse Code: “The EMP hits”

Jericho Morse Code: Long Live the Mayor
Jericho Morse Code: “Pray for NYC”

Jericho Episode: Rogue River
Jericho Morse Code: Rob not FBI

I hope this helps!